The only home treatment for PPP that is backed with before and after pictures.

So happy with the results

I was just looking online for ways to remove papules but I only saw you could do it at a dermatologist office before I found this product. I was looking all over the internet to see if it was legit or not and I was thinking either this is legit or this company goes crazy with making fake reviews. I took the risk anyways and was so happy with the results. So far I only did one treatment but it worked great, they have gone down so much in size and even completely in some spaces. I think I would probably need one more treatment for perfect results. It was so easy to do also, and it’s completely numb while you do it. You just have to get over the fear of it but it’s 1000% worth it.

starstarstarstarstar Arizona, USA

This should be mandatory for all men

Placed the order on the evening of 26th january, and received the package in Norway the 6th of february, so more or less perfect on processing the order and shipping time halfway around the globe. Somewhat frightening looks on the device, but the pointyness is needed for it to be precise enough. It took three rounds of removal, but might have been able to get away with two if I was a bit more aggressive. It looks and feels great now, and the only thing I regret is not researching and finding this product earlier in my life. This should be mandatory for all men to know about and even if the papules are normal, I'm willing to bet most would like to have them removed. The numbing cream wore off before I felt done the first two times, but it probably came down to me not applying enough and scared to do another application on the fly. Third time I applied on half of the area, went to work with precision and care, and then applied on the other half with the same focus. Good light and maybe even a work lamp with magnifying glass could be recommended for the person to have full control and visibility. All papules are one month later now removed as you can see on the photos. Some bumps remain, might go around and try to remove them some time in the future if they don't go away by themselves.

starstarstarstarstar Møre og Romsdal, Norway

It's exactly as PPP KIT describes it

My story is as follows: I am 27 years old, and for more than 8 years, I have lived with grief and hiding my pearly penile papules. Researching on the internet, I read about PPP KIT, and I must confess that I did not feel confident. Still, after 1 month of seeing reviews and changes in other men, I said I also needed to live that experience and decided to take the plunge and accept the challenge of PPP KIT. The delivery was fast and discreet, arriving in 4 days. I decided to apply the process.

Guess what? It's exactly as PPP KIT describes it. Easy, painless, and very fast! On the 2nd day, I already had my scabs, very fast healing. On the 4th day, my scabs disappeared, and it looked like my skin was shedding. On the 7th day, my penis was already in perfect condition. I recommend you follow the step-by-step as they indicate, and I assure you, you will not regret it.

Without a doubt the best investment I've ever made!

starstarstarstarstar Washington, USA

This product is 100% Legit!

This small tool is an absolute life changer and has changed my life for the best, it has given me a boost of confidence and saved me from wasting $3K to have them surgically removed. Thank you PPP Kit for creating a safe affordable solution to PPP!!

starstarstarstarstar Georgia, USA

It works!

I was quoted £1000 for PPP removal, so when I saw the price of the PPP Kit and the reviews it was a no-brainer. I’m happy with the results and the cost savings. Admittedly, it was initially quite terrifying and the healing process was mildly alarming. The team however was great at reassuring me that everything was going as expected.

starstarstarstarstar London, United Kingdom

May God bless this company

I write this with untold happiness. I got PPP when I was 12. I am 29 years old now. No one can imagine the embarrassment I have gone through all those years of sexual life. This tool has rejuvenated me. I could not wait for the healing process to complete before I give feedback here. By the results of just my second session, I am already the happiest. Please advertise this more to the world. I would not wish any other young boy to go through what I went through in my teens. At first I thought the procedure would be painful, but no way, I felt nothing... May God bless this company and all the staff.. Lots of love from Germany.

starstarstarstarstar Oberfranken, Germany

Get the job done

I honestly didn’t expect this to work because that’s just me and my pessimistic nature but to my surprise IT DID !!! I finally have the confidence to no longer avoid having sexual encounters because of my former struggle with ppp. I’m happy to say that this did infact get the job done and I now have a more aesthetically pleasing penis.

starstarstarstarstar Maryland, USA

Truly life changing

I have tried every home remedy i found on Google and all of them made my papules bigger and worse. These papules caused me anxiety since a girl in high school refused to sleep with me because she didn't know what they were. The anxiety caused me to only break my Vcard well into my 20s. The PPPkit was easy to use and painless. The first session didn't go so well cause I was so afraid. But after 1 week of seeing the small change, I was ready to really flatten the papules in the next session and now they are completely gone. TRULY LIFE CHANGING

starstarstarstarstar Namibia

It looked better than before

I honestly thought this was a scam and that there was fake reviews about it. I was very wrong. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for my papules to go away (even though they were small) So I decided to buy it and risk it, when I received the kit it was very discreet which is good. The packaging and the box was very nice and neat. Instructions were clear as day and easy to follow. The numbing cream was great and helped ALOT, after I was done showering I immediately put the cream on and left it for 30min. After that I started using the laser and trim down the tiny ones. After I was done ur penis will have scabs for a couple days and it will feel a little uncomfortable not too much at all. After I waited the days to heal it looked better than before and that was only 1 session ! I plan to do more sessions when i have the time.

starstarstarstarstar Florida, USA

Worth every penny

This is a life changer, I am so glad I got this. I've been searching online for a way to cure myself for years!!! I was giving up, I thought I'd look one last time before trying to get a doctor. I don't know if this company is new or if I just haven't seen it before but thanks to them, my confidence has grown tremendously. I'm now able to have sex with the light on for the first time in my life. This is only after one easy procedure, I'm going to do one more and I'll be good but I've already improved so much. I can confidently say It's worth every penny and I'm extremely grateful. If you are someone who's suffers with this condition please give it a shot. I promise you, it will change your life.

starstarstarstarstar Washington, USA

You'll be happy with the results

I was hesitant at first but let me tell you, this has changed my pickles life! My bell end was covered in nasty papules. Just repulsive. Now, after 2 sessions of burning these things off, my bell end is looking like the next Hollywood leading penis! Just look how nice smooth this thing looks!! Don't be afraid to burn the bumps, you won't get all of them on the first session. Make sure to apply ample cream and wait 15 min after applying, then slowly zap each bump. Wait 2 weeks, then do a second session, to really clean it up. You'll be happy with the results and ready for a close up with the ladies very soon!"

starstarstarstarstar California, USA

After just one session all my papules were gone

So I started getting pearly penile papules at the age of 18. Seeing them really weighed on my confidence and inhibited my sex life. I kept looking around for treatments and saw that an operation to remove said papules would cost around $1000 dollars. I didn’t have that type of money. Luckily I found the PPP KIT online and after just one session all my papules were gone. The process is very simple and quick which eased my mind, the kit is extremely effective and provides clear instructions that helped me navigate how to remove the papules. I will say to generously apply the numbing cream as it does wear off pretty fast. Overall the PPP kit is fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with pearly penile papules.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

Would recommend it to anyone

I was definitely a bit hesitant to buy this kit at first, mostly because it seemed too good to be true, and the process seemed daunting. I went ahead and bought it anyways, telling myself that I’d try on 1 or 2 papules to see if they’d heal, and only then get rid of the rest. To my surprise, everything healed perfectly, leaving no scars, so I went ahead and did the entire treatment. It’s not as bad as it seems.

You have full control of how much you zap them. If the numbing wears off, you can just reapply. If done right, there’s no pain, except for maybe the hour right after treatment. After the first treatment, I had a couple left, so I waited another week to finish it up. Overall I’m extremely satisfied and would recommend it to anyone. I’ll be keeping the kit just in case any of the papules come back since I still have 7 sessions left.

starstarstarstarstar Indiana, USA

The videos and instructions were immensely helpful

Having PPP has been a constant source of insecurity and embarrassment for much of my growing years and so I could not overstate my excitement when I first came across the PPP Kit. It seemed straightforward and affordable so I immediately put in an order for one and it showed up at my doorstep within almost a week - which was pretty good given that it was travelling halfway across the world. Upon first trying it, I realised that it does take a little bit of practice to get it just right but periodic references to the videos and instructions were immensely helpful - in fact, the videos and instructions were essential to alleviating most of the anxiety involved in the process. Within one session and a week of healing, it was already a struggle to find any spots that I might have missed. It was almost mind-boggling to juxtapose the years of insecurity with how quickly and easily it was treated and removed. I truly empathize with anyone else who is dealing with this and I'll definitely be recommending the PPP Kit if ever given the opportunity.

starstarstarstarstar Singapore

So happy I found this

I recently ordered and received the PPP Kit. I had significant penile papules and some tyson glands on the frenulum. I used the tool over a few weeks and sessions and have successfully removed the unsightly skin bumbs. I've lived with these for over a decade and am so happy I found this product. It honestly works!

starstarstarstarstar NSW, Australia

Confidence is sky high now

My entire life I suffered from the shame of people thinking that my PPP was some kind of disease. And I never imagined that the solution could be so simply as the PPP Kit. Completely painless and easy to do. In only one session and I’m completely and absolutely happy with the results. Will do another session to make it even smooth. But my level of confidence is sky high now. Thank you!

starstarstarstarstar Ontario, Canada

There's no scarring at all

I had pearly penile papules that bothered me for years. I always hated the way they looked and experienced discomfort from them from time to time. I'm glad I stumbled across the PPP kit! I was delighted to know there was something cost-effective and immediately bought the kit. The whole process is quick, easy and completely painless. There's no scarring at all. I'm 100% happy with the results. My only regret is that I didn't find out about this sooner. Would recommend it to anyone. 5 stars all the way!

starstarstarstarstar Surrey, United Kingdom

For 12 years I had these ugly white bumps

I had PPP on my penis head since I was 12! I'm 24 now. So for 12 years I had these ugly white bumps on my penis head. I tried so many remedies (toothpaste, olive oil, anti-fungal treatment) and none of them worked!! I thought the only way to get rid of PPP would be to get expensive surgery, and have my privacy violated! I didn't want my parents to know about my penis problems. I read the reviews here and decided I have nothing to loose. I did half my penis and then the other half 2 weeks later. I was glad I did it that way. I'm amazed how smooth my head is now! Several bumps came back, but not near as severe as they had been!! Thanks so much for this tool and kit!!

starstarstarstarstar Pennsylvania, USA

Will actually work unlike anything else you may have tried

I am so pleased with my results. Just a week later and a truly dramatic difference. I was skeptical but fortunately this has been proven wrong. It’s easy to use. Works. And the results are fantastic. Highly recommend if you are considering giving this a go. So affordable compared to laser and will actually work unlike anything else you may have tried at home.

starstarstarstarstar South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

I’m so happy with the current results

I'm very happy with my results removing tyson glands and I would recommend the PPPkit to others who are comfortable performing this sort of procedure on themselves. The instructions were clear and the equipment was easy to use, plenty of extra numbing cream and tips for multiple sessions. I am a RN and infection prevention was a priority for me. I scrubbed the area with hibiclens (chlorohexidine-what we scrub surgical sites with) before I performed the procedure and I am using Manuka honey as a healing ointment. We use Manuka honey in the hospital, it is amazing for healing many wounds, IMHO better than antibiotic ointment. My after photo is from 3 days following the procedure. I could probably do one more session to get some tiny remaining papules, but I’m so happy with the current results I may not even bother.

starstarstarstarstar Maine, USA

She won't know I ever had them

The faster you get it, the faster you get rid of it. I was skeptical about it, and I went for it. I recommend it to you. Won't regret it. It has completely changed my life. My girl didn't know I had them they weren't that bad, and now she won't know I ever had them.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

Should have started this earlier!

The process was simple and easy to follow for anyone trying to get rid of their ppp. It did the job just after one session and it didn’t hurt at all. Should have started this earlier! Thankfully it’s all done and out of my concerns.

starstarstarstarstar Perth, Australia

A huge weight has been lifted

I don't know how cosmetic surgeons get away with charging thousands of dollars for what ultimately took me 40 minutes over 2 sessions, a couple weeks apart, and only $100. My PPP has... excuse me *had* been bothering me for years, until I stumbled across this affordable solution. Sometimes things that appear too good to be true actually are true. Some advice: follow the instructions to the letter. The numbing cream works miracles - I didn't feel a thing! I was worried the healing process would leave me feeling raw and uncomfortable, but the healing took about 10 days between sessions. I ended up doing it twice, and may do one more touch-up session to grab any stragglers. I do recommend purchasing a hands-free magnifying glasses (I got mine off Amazon), so that you can see the area you're working on clearly. Bleeding is normal! But you don't feel anything if you do it correctly. Don't be alarmed if you smell something akin to burning hair as the papules vaporize - that's 100% normal. I could go on and on, but I really just want to stress how amazing and confident I feel about my penis now. I don't have to feel embarrassed or ashamed anymore. A huge weight has been lifted.

starstarstarstarstar Washington, USA

Follow the instructions by the letter

I've had PPP for almost 20 years, since I was about 13 years old. I've never really had any problems like partners complaining about it or people refusing to have sex 'on the fly' like I've read here. But I've always had issues with it just because I never liked the look of it. I was mainly resigned to having this forever since I'm married, and she didn't care about it at all, but I stumbled upon the kit online, and I thought, what the heck, let's try this. Since I'm a trained medical professional, I wasn't afraid to do the procedure. The only thing I would add to the kit is doubling the amount of local anesthetic since I think it's very little, especially for people who want to go slower and take their time in multiple sessions. I am at my second and last session as you can see on the pictures.

The instructions are very clear, and I double down on their warning to follow the instructions by the letter. Overall a great product and I really like the idea of giving the power to the patient. But always be aware to seek help if you have any complications or if you are unable to use it by yourself. Take care.

starstarstarstarstar Minnesota, USA

I am really satisfied with the final results

I still remember the anxiety that I felt as a teenager when I first noticed PPP. I felt relieved when I learned that it wasn't harmful, but I still felt embarrassed about it every time I explained it to a. girl. I've tried things like oils and even toothpaste, but although they seemed to reduce the size of the PPP at first, they would grow again as soon as I stopped applying said oils. I was ready to accept that I would have to either pay for the expensive dermatologist procedure or endure the embarrassment of having to reassure a girl every time. Then I came across the PPP KIT and decided to give it a try.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I was nervous on my first two sessions, so I did not get much done, but on the little that I did, I could see that it was working. I ended up doing four sessions to get rid of all of them (on the third and fourth, I was more confident and made a lot of progress), taking around a week to heal between each session.

I am really satisfied with the final results, and 3 weeks after my last session, there are no signs of them growing back. I've resumed sexual activity, and it feels great not to worry about explaining PPP to a girl and risk killing the mood.

starstarstarstarstar Santiago, Cape Verde Island

It makes a big difference

I cannot recommend this product enough. It makes a big difference very quickly and is simple and safe to use. It is surprising that not many people know about this product as I searched for treatment for PPP for several years. Do not hesitate to purchase the kit.

starstarstarstarstar Cardiff, United Kingdom

My confidence is back again

I highly recommend PPP Kit to anyone who is struggling with PPPs. I'm sure it's the best and most efficient way to remove them completely. Very easy to use, the guide provides clear instructions for the whole process, you just need to follow them and results will come. I'm very grateful and happy for having my PPPs removed, my confidence is back again. All I can say is: thank you!

starstarstarstarstar Debrecen, Hungary

I wish I had discovered the PPP kit sooner!

This kit does exactly what it says it does, and it got rid of my PPP. They were always on the back of my mind, and made me a little self-conscious about the look of my penis. I tried not to give it too much thought, as my prior research showed that the only way to remove them was a very costly experience. That was until I discovered the PPP Kit online. I read some of the reviews, and for such a low price, I thought there wasn’t much to lose! So I ordered one.

Shipping was very quick and cheap here to Australia. The kit includes absolutely everything you need. The process was very straightforward, and the included instruction booklet/online video were very clear and informative to follow. I would recommend you make sure you have good lighting. It makes the PPP much easier to see. I worked methodically from one side to the other, trying not to miss any. I wouldn’t recommend you rush the process, but you also have to be relatively quick as I started to notice the numbing cream wearing off towards the end.

In terms of the healing process, the first couple days were a bit messy/oozy and quite sensitive, but after that, healing was very easy. I would recommend you ejaculate just before the procedure, as you want to abstain from masturbation and sex for the healing period. I made this mistake, and it makes the 10 days feel a bit longer!

I am super happy with my results after just one session! So much so that I probably won’t be needing to do another session. I would 100% recommend this kit if you have any insecurities about your PPP!

starstarstarstarstar South Australia, Australia

So happy with the result

I have been bothered by my pearly papules for over 20 years and tried various methods I found online with no success. I came across the PPP Kit recently and gave it a go. It was easy to use, 100% pain-free, and I am so happy with the result. Totally recommend and vouch for this product!

starstarstarstarstar Cheltenham, United Kingdom

This kit really helped me

I have had PPP since I was like 18. I am now 34 and I have been ashamed of these things my whole life. When I saw this advertised online I had to try it. I was afraid it wouldn't work, or it would hurt. But it was pain-free. It takes a little patience, but it actually works, you can see from my pics. You have to go over it. Do more than one session. I did once a week and it was easy. The package came quickly and was discreet. The numbing cream works, you can't feel a thing. This kit really helped me. You won't be disappointed.

starstarstarstarstar Florida, USA

This works amazingly

I have suffered from PPP for more than 4 years and it’s become really embarrassing. After finding this, I purchased this and have used this three times and can honestly say this works amazingly. After about a month and using it three times with the healing gel, I can say I have gotten rid of these PPP.

starstarstarstarstar Birmingham, United Kingdom

This kit is Heaven sent!

Honestly, this kit is Heaven sent! I applied the numbing cream and set a timer for 30 minutes. While waiting, I set up and sterilized the device. Once I was numb I started the process. Not gonna lie, in the beginning you're definitely anxious and afraid to do anything, but once you zap the first one off, it's game over. You will get comfortable and just start blasted them suckers away! Haha I honestly didn't have that much pain after either other than a slight stinging sensation which goes away honestly quite fast. Glad to finally clean up the look of my penis, these things definitely make you self conscious even if they are considered normal to have. If I had to give this a rating for me personally I would say a 5 out of 5, reason being the time and money you save with this kit along with the ease of use.

starstarstarstarstar New York, USA

It was a life changing purchase

I had PPP for more than 15 years. They appeared before I started my sex life. I first thought it was some disease, so I went to the doctor where I was instructed about PPP. To boost my confidence up, the doctor said I should consider myself happy as I could pleasure the women more. I could not say I was confident in the beginning... My sex life was very active during the years with many women, and I can tell you that just a few of them noticed, and once I explained them what they are, they did not care about them or in any way changed the sex experience with them. I did try different homemade methods to remove them like toothpaste and other creams like you see on the interent. None of them worked, sometimes the PPP got smaller, but I got pain and skin irritation so I had to stop, and eventually they would come back. So I kind of got to accept them and did not care anymore.

However, recently I got out of a long relationship, and my sexual life went up again, so I decided to search again about PPP removal. I found about PPP kit quite fast on Google, and as soon as I saw the product, I realized that this should be legit as burning the PPP down using the provided laser. I ordered my kit straight away, and it was a life changing purchase. It took some time to get it as I live in Europe and had to do the customs clearance. Once I got it, I did the procedure right away. The kit comes with a detailed guide explaining the full procedure. It also comes with a numbing and healing cream. This cream does miracles, you will not feel a thing, and you will be able to quickly burn down the PPP. I did one session and made sure to burn them as much as possible. I am very happy with the result. I did miss 2 small ones, but I will not do another session. Make sure you don't masturbate or have sex for 10 days. I did have sex after about 5-6 days. It was not healed properly and some blood came out, which postponed the healing process a little. It will not hurt in the first days, but you will feel a little discomfort. Use the healing cream and take care of the wound. Enjoy your PPP-free dick!

starstarstarstarstar Giroc, Romania

This kit honestly really changed my life

This kit honestly really changed my life. I’ve had these things for 7 years now, and they really diminished my confidence when I came to talking to girls. I’ve tried everything from castor oil to toothpaste to tree oil and nothing worked. I really recommend this to anyone who has this problem. It hurts a little, but you just gotta follow the steps and you should have no issue getting rid of it. Much love to the team behind this.

starstarstarstarstar California, USA

This kit was amazing

I personally didn’t have a severe amount of PPP myself, although I still felt uncomfortable with it. This kit was amazing. I was painlessly removing them with it, healing in just a few days. I recommend everyone with the same issues to buy this kit. Overall I rate it a 4 out of 5.

starstarstarstarstar Northern Territory, Australia

Definitely brought back my confidence

Hello, just wanna say wow! The results are just great. This was my 10 day progress so far. Followed the instructions and put the cream as demanded. This definitely brought back my confidence for sure. I wanna say thank you for the amazing product! Will recommend to anyone that is dealing with this issue. I know how uncomfortable it can be!

starstarstarstarstar New Brunswick, Canada

One of the few products that exceeded my expectations

Having PPP for four years has been very frustrating and uncomfortable for me. I thought I would have it for the rest of my life, but it felt like the product took a weight off my shoulders. If you are reading this and you hate your PPP get this product. Trust me, it is worth every penny, and the price is extremely fair. You may have to do more than 1 session depending on how much PPP you have, I have done my second and they are now barely noticeable. The company responds to emails quickly if you need support and the guide is very reliable.

starstarstarstarstar London, United Kingdom

I took the chance and it paid off

The product was great, was always self conscious of my PPP on my penis and thought it was odd and when I did some research on how to get rid of it and saw PPP kit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I took the chance and it paid off, you pay with PayPal anyway so it's safe. The information booklet is easy to understand and the numbing cream works! So it's painless. And there's even a video where they show you how to do it!

starstarstarstarstar Carnforth, United Kingdom

I am much more confident now

I was hesitant at first to purchase the product, but for the price, it was worth the risk. Initially, I was afraid that I’d mess up while using it, but it’s really easy to use and very effective. It took me like 4 sessions to get to my after photos, and my papules aren’t completely gone, but it’s a lot better than before. I’ll probably do one more session and be satisfied with my results. Issues I ran into were the button getting stuck often, and the numbing cream not working as well as it could at times. It would work well sometimes, but other times I’d have to stop my session because the pain was too much. If you experience this, reapply the numbing cream and wait another 30 minutes, or just stop altogether. I am much more confident now, and I’d definitely recommend this product to anyone who, like me, wants these ugly papules gone without having to completely break the bank.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

It took a relief off my chest

Not going to lie, I was skeptical at first about the product. I was looking up a lot of resources and just said F it and took a risk and bought the PPP Kit. After my 1st session I seen results and was amazed. I cried a little because I thought I would never get rid of it, had this for like 15 years now. I’m just glad, it took a relief off my chest and I didn’t have to waste $2000+ on surgery and doctor appointments. I really appreciate this. I’m less stressed now and I’m happy with the results.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

It does what it says

I did 2 sessions and I am happy enough with the difference that I won’t be doing another session. You can still see my PPP, but they are much less profound now. For the most part, it wasn’t painful, but towards the end of a session, I started to feel the numbing cream wear off, but there was enough time to do the job before it became an issue. It took about 5 days for it to heal to a point where it was no longer uncomfortable. But over anything else, it works. It does what it says, so I am very happy with the purchase and the product.

starstarstarstarstar Essex, United Kingdom

It has single-handedly saved my sex life!

Stop reading this and just go buy the kit right now. I’ve had PPP most of my adult life, and in under 5 minutes with the treatment it was gone! Completely painless, and the healing was quicker than I expected. Package arrived ahead of time, and everything felt very high quality. I’m blown away by the PPP Kit. It has single-handedly saved my sex life! If I could give it 10 stars I would!

starstarstarstarstar Tennessee, USA

Genuinely Life Changing

Like many others, I have dealt with PPP issues for years and it affected my self-esteem to the point that I have never even gotten in a relationship to avoid the embarrassment. While that sounds drastic, it is just the reality of how damaging these papules have been for my mental health. I am beyond grateful to the people who put this kit together for completely changing my life. I am still in disbelief that this issue which has destroyed me for so long was resolved fairly easily and under my discretion.

starstarstarstarstar Pennsylvania, USA

It removed my Fordyce spots!

I wanted to give everyone a real and honest review! This thing works guys! If you are thinking about getting it but are scared, do it! I promise you won’t regret it. I don’t have typical PPP, what I have is called Fordyce spots. Those are a bunch of large bumps that look more like warts, and it completely shot my confidence when they first showed up. Of course, doctors said “it’s normal”, but it wasn’t normal for me and laser treatment was way too expensive. I was worried at first, but reading reviews helped me decide to get this. I’ve done so much research on this and no one knows what causes it yet. However, it is safe to remove them. This is an amazing option! It removed my Fordyce spots! Here’s my pictures and I’m telling you guys I couldn’t be happier. This is after one treatment. The healing wasn’t bad and the numbing cream made me feel nothing. DO IT!!

starstarstarstarstar Kentucky, USA

The results are better than what I imagined

Ever since my puberty started I’ve had to deal with these papule which made me uncomfortable and very body conscious. One day I went on the hunt for solutions and tried every cream that was recommended to me without any results. I can confidently say that this was the only product that has had a big impact on me, it was super easy to use even if it sounds super scary at first but the instructions guided me through it nicely. While I will probably do another session most of them are gone and the ones left are barely visible and i'm so happy about that. When I first stumbled upon this product I thought it was a scam and dismissed it but I went to the YouTube video on the actual YouTube page and saw other people commenting on there that seemed genuine so I decided to try it out and i'm glad I did cause the results are better than what I imagined. Thank you to the people that made this kit!

starstarstarstarstar Florida, USA

Absolutely 5 stars!!

Yewwwwww! It works boys!! So pumped to have found a cheap solution to my PPP! I honestly thought I was doomed for life with them. Yes, I know they are not life threatening, but they definitely make you insecure and lack confidence in bed. I didn’t like people looking at my penis or going down on me and then asking what they were and having to explain that they are not an STD. Almost positive they gave me performance anxiety which leads to me having trouble getting hard in bed :/ Anyways, I was skeptical about ordering a device to do it myself, but hey, what other choice do I have besides spending thousands of dollars at a dermatologist? Plus, it’s very awkward to talk about it. The kit comes with everything you need and very clear instructions. I recommend numbing your whole penis before doing it, read the full instructions for the device and the kit, and use the healing ointment. It’s very tedious so take your time. I found it more effective to stretch the skin of the PPP instead of squeezing it together to zap them. Healing process for me took about 1 week, but everyone is different. I would never in my life think I’d talk about my PPP to someone, and here I am writing a review and posting pictures. I am not one to write reviews, but I needed to brag to someone who can relate to my situation. Absolutely 5 stars!! Pictures are a week apart.

starstarstarstarstar California, USA

I feel this sense of relief

The PPP KIT does exactly what it says it will. My case was so prominent in some spots, and I used to feel so insecure. It used to upset me so much, and I swore up and down that I would have them removed at some point. That is exactly what led me to find the PPP KIT website. At first glance, of course I was skeptical, but the reviews on the site gave me so much hope. Once I bought it and read the instructions, I put on the numbing cream and started going at it. I was super nervous, but as soon as I did the first one, I knew I could do the remaining. Discomfort was minimal, but I was very diligent going from one side to the other. Watching them zap and flatten was amazing. At some point, I had to reapply the numbing cream and waited some time before I could finish. Once I was done, I applied the healing cream, which I think works wonders because my whole healing process took less than a week. During the healing, I felt mild discomfort… more like sensitivity, no pain really. After the fourth day, my scabbing was gone. By the sixth day, I felt like I was ready to start having fun (I waited.) The whole process was quick and easy. I am amazed with this product and every time I look down there, I feel this sense of relief, I no longer have to try and hide. I thought I would need to do 2 sessions, but honestly I am very satisfied after my first session and I no longer feel like I need a second one.

starstarstarstarstar North Carolina, USA

I’m so glad I bought it

I was first diagnosed with PPP several years ago. The thought of getting them cured by a specialist was embarrassing and extremely overpriced. I repeatedly tried many home remedies such as: toothpaste, castor oil and tea tree oil but none of them worked. After researching how I could get these removed, I came across the “PPP kit”. At first, I was skeptical due to the price being so low compared to professional treatment. However, after talking to the support team about it, they were very reassuring. I’m so glad I bought it as it has worked wonders for me. International shipping was quick and came early, and the ionizing laser worked really well. I did about 6 sessions in total (each roughly 10 to 15 minutes long). At first I was nervous due to the needle however the numbing cream made it completely painless for me. I would say that the key thing is to be patient with the kit as it took me about 1.5 months to completely get rid of them, however it is way worth your while.

starstarstarstarstar Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Majorly improved my confidence

I've had PPP since being a teenager and have always been very self-conscious of it. I've tried multiple oils and methods of getting rid of it, but none of them worked. So I randomly decided to look up any remedies for removing PPP after years of giving up and stumbled across this do-it-yourself kit from I was initially very skeptical and did not trust the reviews, but I went for it and am very pleased with the entire process. This is very legit and I definitely recommend it for anyone reading.

The actual process was a bit scary and took me a while to feel comfortable, but you get very comfortable after trying it out on a few papules. I would personally recommend putting a bit extra numbing cream on, and maybe a bit extra during the removing process as well, as you start to notice a bit more sensation coming back.

I did one session and am very happy with the results but did not burn the papules far down enough and can see very small bumps forming again, so I'll be doing another final session. The healing process was very easy and painless. The first two days were a bit uncomfortable but I quickly fully recovered in about a week.
My girlfriend never minded the papules, but removing them has majorly improved my confidence. Will definitely not hesitate to recommend it to anyone having PPP.

starstarstarstarstar New York, USA

I can't believe I didn't find this much sooner

I've dealt with PPP for many years. It's always been something I've been really insecure about, and it's made it difficult for me to have a normal sex life because of the fear of what sexual partners might think. Even though they're completely harmless, they're not attractive, I've missed out so much growing up because I was too insecure to show my penis. I've searched for years for a remedy and tried all home remedies but no success. The only option that seemed would work for me at the time was to go have them removed by a doctor which would have cost so much money, money which I did not have, so I decided to just deal with it. As time went on, I kept searching for hours and hours to find a possible remedy until I came across PPP KIT. I was very skeptical because it seems too good to be true and for just be 100$, but after reading up on more information on how it works, I was convinced I had to try it. I was so scared to try it once it arrived, afraid something bad might happen to my penis cause, as you know, you only get one, but relaxed, remained calm, followed the instructions and just did 1 papule just to be safe, and to my surprise, it was GONE! I was so astonished of how easy it was and how painless it was. I immediately began to zap all the ones and had taken my time to be very precise. Healing was quick, and I was so happy to see how much better my penis looked without the papules. I felt as if I had a new penis, and my confidence went back up again. I can't believe I didn't find this much sooner. For anyone thinking about whether or not to buy it, JUST BUY IT! You won't regret it, and it's waaaay cheaper than going to a doctor. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!

starstarstarstarstar Colorado, USA

I still can’t believe it

I'm 25 years old, and I have my PPP from a very young age. Growing up, it was a bit difficult to explain to the partner that it is something normal, but I got rejected a couple of times as people thought it was an STI, and that affected me a lot. I found the PPP kit online as I was really into removing them completely. I contacted NHS they said they couldn't do anything, even private clinics; they said it would cost me around £1000, which I couldn't afford. The PPP kit changed my life and my confidence. I still can't believe it, I did the procedure myself and it worked. The instructions are very easy to use; make sure you're relaxed, no pain at all, just sensitive for a couple of days. On the 7th day, my skin was better. Thank you PPP kit. I truly recommend this can't imagine how happy I am right now.

starstarstarstarstar London, United Kingdom

It is truly unbelievable

Initially, I was a little hesitant when attempting an at home PPP removal. I never had excessive or very visible papules, but they were there nonetheless and acted as a brick wall against my confidence. I always thought that a procedure for instances like removing papules would be best left to a professional, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Most doctors I have seen have written off my PPP or stressed me with the extreme costs of getting them removed surgically; however, I soon found the PPP Kit to save the day! Using the kit was as easy as following the instructions in elementary school, and produced more results than anything I have ever tried. The PPP Kit is extremely instructive on how to properly remove the papules in a safe manner, and does so without breaking the bank. It is truly unbelievable how cheap the kit is compared to the satisfying results it produces. With one to two more sessions, my papules will be gone forever. But don’t stress! It’s taking me multiple sessions because I was hesitant when conducting the removal and didn’t use the Ionizer long enough on my papules. Just follow the instructions head-on, and you can be papules free in minutes! I will forever recommend this kit to anyone suffering with the same issue, and will gladly support this amazing company!

starstarstarstarstar West Virginia, USA

Highly recomend it

Finally, I am not going to spend $3,000 plus just to remove these tiny pearls. I was desperately looking for solutions on how to remove these things. After looking, I came across PPP KIT, and oh boy, am I glad that I found this website. The process is really easy, just follow the pamphlet instructions and you should be fine. Before my first session, I was really nervous because of the needle, but once you start burning one, you don’t feel ANYTHING at all. You might feel a small sting once the numbing cream is running out. After the process, you might feel small discomfort but no pain whatsoever! Just make sure to keep your area clean and add the healing cream! After my first session I’m happy with the results that these pearls are almost gone!! One more session to go and these suckers are out for good! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT, YOU WON'T REGRET IT.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

I only wish I had done this sooner

After 10 years of putting up with PPP they are finally gone! I highly recommend this kit if you can’t afford the pricey removal surgery offered by doctors. When I bought this kit, I was a bit skeptical and nervous, but as soon as I started, I realized it didn’t hurt, so I followed the simple instructions and after about 15 minutes, it was done. After 24 hours it looked a bit messy but still no pain, I added the healing cream, and after 3 days, it was pretty clear to me it had worked because the PPP were gone. It took about a week to get back to normal with no signs they were even there in the first place. I only wish I had done this sooner. One of the biggest bonuses of this kit is that you get 10 needles heads for the tool so you can have plenty of attempts if you miss any PPP. I felt one little nip on an area I spent too long on, but it was nothing to be worried about. I hope this helps anyone who is considering trying this kit.

Tip: Work slow and steady from one side to the other making sure not to miss any. Once you have done an area, it is hard to go back to it because you will struggle to see small PPP that you missed (not to worry, you can get them on another attempt).

starstarstarstarstar Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

It’s a well-thought-out kit with everything you need

I don’t review things, regardless of the incentive, and I never take pictures of my genitalia. I did both because I really do believe in this product. I had a nasty case of phimosis (inability to retract the foreskin) well into my teens. After considerable effort to rectifying this, I discovered numerous papules (Yay!). Yes, PPP are a natural occurrence, but in a disease-conscious world, it’s something that understandably warrants the attention of sexual partners. I had removed some of the larger papules in what was essentially minor surgery (something I would not recommend to others, even those with the know-how) before looking for something like the PPP kit. The search took me awhile because most solutions on the internet had little to no scientific merit or were simply dangerous. It’s a well-thought-out kit with everything you need in excess (it even comes with a piece of Styrofoam for your sharps). The instructions are excellent and have a good focus on safety, particularly proper wound treatment.

My experience: it wasn’t painless, but it certainly wasn’t painful. I took my time and stopped when the topical anaesthetic started to wear off. I would recommend that those who do purchase the kit do the same; you can do another treatment if needed, and being cautious will minimise the possibility of scarring/excessive bleeding. During the healing process, which took about a week, I didn’t have any issues and was even able to do my regular exercise (something that circumcised males may initially have difficulties with).
The bottom-line: if utilised as instructed, the PPP kit is both safe and effective.

starstarstarstarstar Tasmania, Australia

I breathed in a massive sigh of relief

This kit is amazing and life-changing. Like so many others I'm sure, this condition rendered me largely insecure and affected my sex life for years. Removing the PPP wasn't something that crossed my mind until around 6 months ago, after which I went to the dermatologist, expecting and willing to pay thousands of dollars while feeling extremely nervous to show a doctor my nether regions. The dermatologist recommended a prescription cream of multiple active ingredients, one of which was included for the purpose of reducing the inflammation, redness, and irritation of the other products. I don't know if that cream would have eventually worked, because after a few days of use, my penis became very red and intensely irritated, to the point of unbearable pain. Also, the doctor had guessed that the cream would have worked only to a limited extent. Once I discontinued the use of the cream, I was again nervous about having the PPP removed with a laser by a medical professional, so I Google searched 'PPP removal'.

As someone in a relationship in which I am sexually active, I planned to use this product at the time of the month where sex tends to happen less, and my first session occurred during this time. After 3 days, much of the PPP seemed to swell, making certain areas look worse than before, and, as expected from burning something off of a sensitive area of the body, I experienced a manageable amount of sensitivity. After around 7 days, when the area was essentially completely healed, I breathed in a massive sigh of relief after years of insecurity, because the PPP was muted and much less visible compared to before the first session. After about two weeks, the areas in which I hadn't completely destroyed the core of the papules started to reappear to a lesser extent than before. I waited until around a month after my first session and did another session. This time, my mental block was much easier to overcome, and I burned deeper into the papules, exactly as instructed in the guide, so as to effectively destroy the cores. After that healing process, which was very manageable, I am 100% satisfied with this product.

Not that they would, but if any of my friends told me about them having this issue, I would immediately recommend this kit to them. Instead, I recommend it to anyone that's reading this review. I'm just a normal person that has dealt with this issue for years, and, even in a committed relationship, I find myself so much more comfortable with my partner looking at my penis now. If you are looking for a way to remove your PPP, don't even go to the dermatologist, and BUY THIS KIT. I can't recommend this more, and I am so elated I bit the bullet.

starstarstarstarstar Idaho, USA

I do wish I had this product years ago

I'm not one for reviews, but I felt I had a part to play to help those who harbor doubts in this kit. I hated my penile papules. Nevertheless, I've still been fortunate enough to experience things I didn't think would happen because of them... however, I do wish I had this product years ago. I hope that this note at least inspires those to feel confident using this product because it genuinely works and will remove the pesky self-alienation that you probably have casted on yourself. Thank you PPP Kit, for providing a cheap and effective treatment and providing options to people who might not have the means.

starstarstarstarstar London, United Kingdom

This product does what it says

This product does what it says. I was very insecure about these little white bumps and thought I had to live with them for the rest of my life. I looked into getting them removed, but it was very expensive. This was way cheaper and got the job done. Follow the instructions, and it will be very easy. The pain is minimal if you follow the instructions and apply the numbing cream and wait 30 min. After two sessions, I can say I no longer have penile papules anymore. I totally recommend it to anyone struggling and wanting to get rid of these.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

I had to repeat the procedure 4 times

I was excited to buy this kit as I had huge and numerous papules on my penis. They have been the source of my discomfort for years. I was excited to try this new method I found online! However, due to my high number of larger papules, I had to repeat the procedure 4 times. The PPP Kit team was in touch with me to guide me through the process. At first, I was very delicate not to burn too much, but I couldn't see any results. However, after repeating the process 3 more times, I was gradually able to see the difference! I believe some of the smaller ones will disappear after a few weeks and maybe I could give it the last final touch for the fifth time! The reason I'm giving 4/5 stars is because of the repetition of the process. My 4 sessions took nearly 2 months to complete, as you need to wait for full skin recovery before doing another session. The manual says they should vaporize after a few touches, but mine had to be literally burned by touching them several times (even the smallest ones), and I had to reapply the numbing cream simultaneously as it lasts for about 20min. Each of my sessions took about an hour. I experienced some bleeding but nothing scary. In the end, I'm quite happy and satisfied with the kit, and it comes with 10 needles, so the PPP Kit team must have counted with the cases as mine, who will have to vaporize a couple of times more.

starstarstarstarstar London, United Kingdom

One of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made

PPP is something I’ve had since as long as I remembered. It’s kept me being intimate in the dark and being self-conscious all my life. Being 21 I’ve looked everywhere and almost decided to pay $2500 to have them removed. This was one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made, and only for $100.. it’s crazy. My whole confidence has changed, and it took 2 weeks total from buying to being papule free. This is after 1 session, but I’m going to clean it up one more time. It was a little scary, and the healing was a little uncomfortable but only lasted about 3 days. 100% recommend. Thanks for everything.

starstarstarstarstar California, USA

Wish I did this sooner

I have been bothered by these little buggers since I was a teenager and was always told it’s fine and that they’re normal. Majorly affected my confidence for a long time. I am very happy with the results from this kit, wish I did this sooner. I was a bit overzealous, so the healing took a little longer, still zero scarrings. The kit was easy enough to use. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and make sure you're numb. I missed a few papules, so will probably go again and zap the remainder.

starstarstarstarstar Somerset, United Kingdom

Get this product, it definitely works!

Initially, when I first found this website, I was very skeptical. Simply because I’ve tried home remedies and usually a medicinal procedure or “cosmetic procedure” performed by Doctors are the only options. I received a faulty unit which made it very discouraging, but their customer service is immaculate. They have really rapid response times. Also, they were willing to send a replacement device and extra alcohol pads etc.. The pro to this product is it allows for multiple uses. There is a learning curve to using it. The numbing works pretty effectively as well as the healing treatment gel. The sensitivity for the first day will be really sensitive, but by night, it was gone. I personally will be going in for another touch-up to erase every single one of them! So far, it looks great! If you are feeling any insecurity about them, get this product, it definitely works! I 100% recommended you try it!

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

I wish I would have done it sooner

Growing up, I noticed that I was getting these white bumps around the head of my penis, and doing research, I found out these things were called pearly penile papules. I was ashamed, so I did not say anything about it to anyone, including my parents. I tried so many different remedies I found online, and nothing would work. I began feeling hopeless, and this was interfering with my sex life. So I avoided it altogether. Although it is completely normal to have, it is not viewed that way, and many people would be disgusted and assume it is an STD. Eventually, thinking I’d have to pay for some expensive surgery later on down the road, I came across this website. Reading the reviews seemed too good to be true. I was skeptical but also desperate. So I decided to try this product, and I wish I would have done it sooner. At first, I got a faulty device that the company had no problem replacing immediately, which was amazing customer support service. They will help you with any questions and issues you have. I did use two sessions to get the results that I have. To anyone who has a fear of using this product or is skeptical, don’t be. This is exactly what you need to help you deal with your PPP issue. I recommend it 100%. Thank you PPP KIT for helping me with my insecurity.

starstarstarstarstar Nevada, USA

Completely changed my relationship with my penis, sex and my partner

As a man, the idea of masculinity and the perfect male body and perfect penis is ever-present. Whether it is porn, art, culture, or other people, I am constantly comparing my penis and my body to others. Unfortunately, due to having quite big PPP on my penis, this made me feel very self-conscious and depressed. Even though I had an accepting partner, I felt I wasn't right. Over the years it has bothered me a lot, every time someone has asked what it was or asked if it was an STD. But within the last few years, the PPP grew much bigger and had resulted in me stopping having sex, and unable able to get hard when it got down to it, due to the anxiety of how I looked. Then, I discovered this PPP Kit. My life has literally changed.

As with others, I will need two or three sessions to completely remove it, due to how big the PPP was originally. But wow, after the first session I was so happy and proud of my penis again, I had sex for the first time in over two years. This has really changed my life and brought me personal and sexual joy again. I could never afford the price of surgery, which is about 15x more than the cost of this kit where I live, and after asking my GP found out that it could not be paid for by the NHS. I paid via Paypal and even used Paypal Credit to spread the cost over 3 months. This product is being shipped from Canada, so I didn't expect it to be here the next day. It took approximately 20 days to arrive at my door in the UK, I ordered it over the Christmas period and during Covid-19 restrictions.

The treatment is fairly simple, once you overcome the mental block of 'burning' off the PPP on your penis. After I applied the numbing cream, and waited 30 minutes, I started slowly, taking my time. I did one PPP at a time, very methodical. After 30 minutes of carefully burning off the big ones, I then started to feel it. So I applied more numbing cream, and waited another 30 minutes before finishing off the rest of my penis. This first session took me about 2 hours. This is because I took my time and was very relaxed. Yes, you can absolutely do it faster, but my advice is to take your time and do what you feel comfortable with. As its covid lockdown my partner and I are always around each other, so I "took a bath", locked myself in the bathroom and did the treatment alone in the well light bathroom. I would advise getting a pair of hobbie craft magnifying glasses and a good desk light to really help you see everything properly. 1 day after treatment was a little uncomfortable but not painful, a little bit of oozing, the same as you would get from a burn on your arm. This is why it is very important to use an antiseptic healing cream, I used the one supplied and topped up with Sudocrem. 2 days after, there was only discomfort when touching and scabs started to form. 4 days after most scabs fell off. 7 days after almost fully healed, no scabs, but a little sensitive. 10 days completely healed and so started my sexual awakening. I will wait another week or two for the next treatment as I want to enjoy this penis liberation I am feeling. I honestly couldn't recommend this enough. Thank you to everyone from PPP Kit for providing this product and to those reviewers before me who helped me purchase and feel safe.

starstarstarstarstar Edinburgh, Scotland

I am very happy with the results

I received the package in the same week. The step-by-step guide that’s included in the box was very thorough and descriptive. This kit is 100% legit. The procedure was very easy. It conveniently comes with a numbing cream – so that you don’t feel a thing during the ionization. And a scar-preventing cream – so you heal quicker without leaving any scar. I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure, and the numbness went away after few minutes. I am very happy with the results, and I would recommend this to anyone looking to remove their ugly papules. Save your time and money by buying this kit.

starstarstarstarstar British Columbia, Canada

While they might be normal, they weren't my normal

I've suffered from PPP since I was a teenager, and never told anyone about it except the urologist who said they are perfectly normal. While they might be normal, they weren't my normal. The kit was easy enough to use. Instructions were well written, but I was nervous to let anything down there to burn off something in such a sensitive area. First go around I got maybe 2/3 just to test it, second go around I realized I wasn't holding it long enough. You don't have to go super deep but the instructions are perfectly justified in stating "keep it on for a second max"! It's all you need. It took a few sessions because my body was making new ones in their place, but a few sessions later, and I'm PPP free. Hugely satisfied.

starstarstarstarstar Arizona, USA

I zapped all the bumps down there

I’m 21, and over the years, I’ve missed out on lots of teen things because I was scared to show any girl I was with my penis because I was ashamed. I have done everything from using tea tree oil to putting toothpaste on the PPP; they never went away. I came across an ad about this removal device, so I said why not give it a try.
I was scared in the beginning when I first tried. But I used the numbing cream and waited 20 minutes until I was numb. I zapped all the bumps down there literally all the way down to the core, I felt only little stings. Three days later, I was in the shower, and the burnt PPP skin fell off, and about five more days my skin was back to normal.
I’m so excited because I didn’t have to spend 3k on a laser removal surgery. My confidence is back now.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

It’s easy and straight forward to use

Not only did the PPP Kit remove the papules I had around the head, it also removed the Fordyce spots that I had showing on the shaft area as well. Fordyce spots are little sebaceous granules that grow from underneath the skin; they’re completely harmless and not indicative of a disease or STD. It’s said that they require no treatment but, these little white dots things can really take a number on your confidence as they show easily and also create a bumpy texture in areas that they are congested in. The PPP Kit worked great on eliminating that texture, and restoring the skin back to its smoothness. After the same healing process that the papules went through, I’m now just waiting for the pigmentation to return to normal which may take a little amount of time and am extremely happy to have the same skin texture on the shaft area, as well as the papules in the head area removed completely. Much better than spending thousands at the dermatologist. It’s easy and straight forward to use.

starstarstarstarstar North Carolina, USA

I had these things for 17 years

First off, I had these things for 17 years, deeply ingrained. I thought the only way to get rid of them was a dermatologist. But they were charging way too much. So I thought I had to just live with it. One day I randomly researched "ppp removal" and then the heavens opened. In my case, it took me a particularly longer time because I was nervous at first due to a needle being used down there. I waited longer on the healing periods to see how the natural coloration in the glands will return. It does start returning, as long as the core (white spots) are destroyed. I'm still testing out more approaches by learning from my mistakes, so it can help others. A couple of key things I learned when attempting to remove PPP:

  1. To relax and remain calm
  2. *Spread the Glans(not squeeze) to reveal the hidden white spots(The core of the papasule) that are under the top layer skin to remove them

Conclusion: It works if you follow the pamphlet instructions correctly. Personally, through my trial and error, I'm at about 90% satisfied as I'm still determined to get rid of the hidden white spots. (the core) I have some gratitude because it looks a lot better than it was before. Your confidence will return.

starstarstarstarstar Washington D.C, USA

It’s like it never happened

I immediately went to the Doctor who told me it was nothing, thank God, and then I went to a Dermatologist who also said it was nothing but the cosmetic procedure would cost around $3,000, I’m sure prices vary. Just being the person I am, and the world of modern technology we live in, I just feel like we’re in a real DIY society. So I started with YouTube videos, and then I saw the ad for the PPP Kit... Probably used more numbing cream than I should of but I did it in about 20 minutes and I took about two weeks to heal. It’s like it never happened, I 1000% recommend this kit. I feel like dermatologists try to scare you with scarring. It only looks scary and makes you feel like it’s a surgical procedure when it’s really nothing.

starstarstarstarstar Texas, USA

Finally removed these buggers

This Kit is no joke. I was able to remove my PPP with only 2 sessions. The instructions are really easy to follow and the healing process was quick. I'm now able to feel comfortable without any worries. If you're really serious about removing PPP get this Kit.

You can read even more experiences from customers in the comment section of our YouTube video.