Top Considerations When Choosing A DIY PPP Kit

Last updated: 2024-02-14

Pearly penile papules are tiny bumps that develop along the base of a man's penile head, specifically the corona of the glans. Because of their appearance, PPP is also mistaken for other conditions like genital warts or Fordyce spots.

While researchers have yet to establish the whys and hows of these growths, one thing is certain: These can cause psychological issues in men. Unfortunately, PPP affects up to 48% of the male population, according to estimates by the medical community.

Often, men with PPP tend to avoid shame and hefty medical costs by looking for at-home treatments to regain their confidence. Besides applying topical solutions, which are proven ineffective, patients are pinning their hopes on PPP removal kits for an answer.

But with several PPP removal kits on the market, choosing a legitimate product that works can be challenging. This article will help you set the standards for spotting the do-it-yourself best PPP kit.

Pearly Penile Papules diagnosis

1. Is it effective?

Penile papules can be quite persistent, and no amount of topical creams can remove them. These tiny bumps are lodged in the skin and, like angiofibroma, consist of blood vessels and fibroblasts. These benign growths are considered dermatological and not a health problem.

Before PPP kits, the only tested and proven medical treatments for papules included laser therapy, electrodessication, and cryotherapy, which cost thousands of dollars. For a budget-friendly option, look for a PPP removal kit that uses the same technology as the devices used in any of these procedures.

The PPP removal kit typically contains an ionizer that works like a hyfrecator — a device dermatologists use to remove skin lesions. This tool is responsible for electrocauterization, vaporizing the papules to eliminate them.

2. Is it safe?

While PPP removal procedures are generally safe, they may cause scarring and infections if not handled well. Check whether the PPP kit of your choice has users reporting adverse effects to ensure safety.

Additionally, look out for special safety features in your PPP removal kit. For instance, our ionizer is adjusted at a safe temperature enough to destroy the bumps but not damage the surrounding unaffected area. Its laser-like point accurately blasts the unsightly growth with minimal abrasion, allowing users to recover quickly and minimize the risk of infection. The device only heats when activated and cools down immediately as the button is released.

It also helps to practice proper care before the procedure. Users must wash their hands thoroughly and keep all the items in the kit dry and clean to reduce the risk of infection.

3. Is it convenient and easy to use?

Your choice of PPP removal kit must contain the instructions to ensure proper procedure is followed at home. Apart from the ionizer, PPP kits often include numbing cream, disinfectant, and healing solution.

The anesthetic cream is applied and left for a few minutes on the affected area to ensure pain is minimized during the process. After using the ionizer, the disinfectant must be applied to protect the skin. You must also clean and dry the device before keeping it for future use. Using other topical creams or oils must be avoided at this stage.

Before buying the product, read or watch the instructional videos on the manufacturer's site. Most importantly, ensure you have PPP indications or ask a urologist to validate your condition before purchasing a kit.

4. Is the manufacturer reliable?

Transparency is one of the telling signs of a reliable manufacturer. Checking the product's site can be a good measure of its manufacturer's integrity. Medical products and devices should come with certain limitations regarding their use. Similarly, potential side effects must be cited, if any.

The product must indicate which conditions it can treat. For instance, watch out for fraudulent claims that the PPP kit can treat genital warts or Fordyce spots, as the manufacturer may be lying to expand their market. Moreover, PPP kit makers and sellers who don't inform users of the potential side effects, like abrasions, infections, and scarring, no matter how remote a possibility, are carrying a huge red flag.

5. Is it cost-effective?

One of the primary reasons for using a PPP kit is its cost-effectiveness. A doctor's appointment and the consequent therapy for PPP removal costs thousands per session, whereas a home PPP removal kit can only set you back USD$129. Most kits are good for several uses and provide permanent results.

6. What do customers say?

Scouring online and offline sources can provide potential PPP removal kit users with information on the best product to buy. Ask for advice and honest reviews from a close friend who's used the kit if you can find one. In addition, read unbiased sites for PPP kit reviews and find out if many users can attest to the solution's safety, efficacy, convenience, and reliability.


Safety, efficacy, and reliability are essential in choosing the best PPP kit. Find out how a product stacks against its competitors by looking at its sites, checking its products, and reading or watching PPP kit reviews. The above points should help you remove penile papules permanently without significant issues.


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Author: Patrick K.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal in 2015. One of my notable achievements during my studies was receiving acclaim for the 'Simplicity of the proposed solution' in a university project. I've always been a 'Do-It-Yourself' type of person, and solving my own pearly penile papules issue was no different. After months of dedicated experimentation with various home remedies for PPP, I developed a safe and effective solution that tackles the problem. The solution has been bundled into the "PPP KIT" and I am happy to share this life changing remedy since 2020!

Reviewed by: Fabiola Garcia

I studied Nursing at the CDI College in Montreal before furthering my education at École Esthétique Avancée, recognized as Quebec's premier private institution for medical aesthetics. I actively contributed to enhancing the safety protocols of the pearly penile papule (PPP) removal procedure by collaborating on the refinement of the 'Aftercare' section within the PPP Kit's step-by-step guide.