How to get rid of PPP at home?

The PPP KIT treatment is the only proven method to remove Pearly Penile Papules at home. It is guaranteed to work and is backed by genuine before/after pictures from customers all over the world.

What are Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) are small white bumps that appear around the penis glans of some men. They are in fact an agglomeration of fibrosis located on the corona of the penis glans. Those chunk of fibrosis takes space, therefore white bumps appear on the glans, creating Papules. It is a normal anatomical variation that is not transmissible and does not pose any health risk.

PPP does not affect health, but can cause many undesirable effects on life quality. They are often mistaken for a sexually transmissible disease, which causes anxiety for men. Health insurances do not cover PPP removal as it is considered to be a cosmetic procedure.

Removing Pearly Penile Papules

The PPP KIT contains everything needed to safely get rid of PPP at home.

PPP KIT pearly papules remover items

  • PPP KIT fine-tuned electrical Ionizer
  • Step-By-Step guide with video
  • Most reliable Dr. Numb anesthetic cream
  • Antibiotic Ointment for faster wound healing
  • Alcohol swabs

The procedure for PPP removal at home is detailed in the PPP KIT Step-By-Step Guide. It takes about 10 minutes to complete. The below steps are a quick summary.

Step 1: Clean the Area

Thoroughly clean your penis before the treatment. We recommend doing the PPP KIT treatment after showering.

Step 2: Get familiar with the PPP KIT Procedure

Carefully read the PPP KIT Step-by-Step Guide, which includes all the needful information to operate the Ionizer and safely perform the treatment with key steps to prevent scarring risks.

Step 3: Vaporize the Pearly Papules

Use the PPP KIT Electrical Ionizer to vaporize the Pearly Papules as instructed in the step-by-step guide. Bigger papules are removed differently than smaller ones. The PPP KIT Ionizer is fine-tuned at a low heating temperature set specifically to be safe for Pearly Penile Papules removal, allowing you to destroy the papule's core with minimal skin abrasion and fast skin recovery.

PPP KIT vaporize Pearly Papules

Step 4: Recovery

Like laser treatment, removing PPP produces scabs. Scabs will disappear within 5 days, but 10 days are necessary for full skin recovery. Scabs are a potential risk for scarring, but the risk is extremely low. Scarring does not occur as long as the scabs are not disrupted or infected as they heal. If you're uncircumcised, the risk is even lower as the area is naturally protected. An Ointment is included to prevent infections and speed up healing.

Step 5: Enjoy the results

Your PPPs are gone forever! If you missed some papules, you could redo the steps as the PPP KIT allows you to do up to 10 sessions! Most men get it right within 1 or 2 sessions only.

Get Rid of PPP by Next Week

The PPP KIT is 100% guaranteed to work. It has helped thousands of men already without any issue. It is also the only home treatment for PPP that is backed with genuine before/after pictures.