Is PPP KIT legitimate?

This question is often asked because many of our customers have already tried deceptive home remedies for pearly penile papules removal before learning about the PPP Kit. Therefore, we completely understand your skepticism, and we feel obliged to provide you with proof regarding the effectiveness of the PPP Kit.

We have already debunked the most popular non-working “remedies” for pearly penile papule removal on our blog, such as applying toothpaste, oils, or specialized creams.

Here are some points where the PPP Kit distinguishes itself as a legitimate solution for PPP removal:

Reviews with before & after pictures

PPP Kit is the only company for pearly penile papules removal at home that has plenty of testimonials with before & after pictures. You will notice that all pictures have an item of the Kit with our Logo on it somewhere in the background. This is a requirement mentioned on the instructions to submit a review, which you will find on the last page of the step-by-step guide. Currently, customers get a $25 refund in exchange for their review with pictures.

User experience on YouTube comments

You can also find discussions about the PPP Kit user experience in the comment section of our YouTube video. Many had doubt about it, but they updated their PPP removal progress in the comment section, and you can find many comments about the product effectiveness.


PayPal Purchase Protection

Customers can checkout using PayPal, which has a protection plan for the buyers in case they do not receive the product or if the product is different from what is presented. We have been offering PayPal Checkout since May 2020, and our seller account still stands in excellent condition. To learn more about PayPal's actions against suspicious websites, see the PayPal Seller Agreement.

Backed by science

The PPP Kit Ionizer literally vaporizes the papules into smoke by burning them! To be exact, the technology it uses is the same as a Hyfrecator. On the Wikipedia article about Hyfrecators, you can find that dermatologists use this tool to remove pearly penile papules.

Our step-by-step guide and video of the procedure ensure that you do the PPP treatment by yourself safely, and effectively.

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