How I removed Pearly Penile Papules at home

Last updated: 2023-05-05

Pearly Penile Papules are white bumps appearing on the corona of the glans of some men. They do not pose any health risks but can be removed for cosmetic reasons. We tried multiple home remedies and here is what works and what doesn't.

Do home remedy works?

Up until 2020, the only proven method to get rid of pearly penile papules was through expensive surgery done by dermatologists. Men would try unverified methods such as applying toothpaste, creams, or oils on the papules area, but there has yet to be a single documented case where it actually solved the issue. In my experience trying those solutions, which takes consistency and months of dedication, there was no harm to my glans, but it only ended up wasting my time as it was ineffective. You are welcome to try it by yourself if you wish. Just make sure to dilute concentrated oils with a carrier oil to avoid drying your skin.

What worked for us

One proven and documented method to remove pearly penile papules at home is by using a PPP kit. The kit contains everything needed to perform the same treatment as a dermatologist by yourself.

Here is what the kit contains:

PPP KIT bundle

  • PPP Ionizer
  • Numbing cream
  • Step-by-step instruction to remove PPP
  • Video of the procedure
  • Aftercare healing cream
  • Alcohol Swabs

The Ionizer is a toned-down version of a Hyfrecator, which is the instrument used by dermatologists to perform the PPP removal treatment (and many other treatments) via electrodesiccation surgery. The PPP Ionizer has a lower voltage tuned specifically to be safe for pearly penile papules removal. Upon contact with the skin, it discharges an electric shock that vaporizes the touched area into smoke. Doing it on papules will carbonize them until you reach the desired effect.

PPP Ionizer

You must simply follow the step-by-step guide to remove all pearly penile papules within your first session and, most importantly, abide by the aftercare protocol, which ensures that you get no infection or scars.

How safe is it?

Data from over 7000 men using the PPP kit suggest that scars do not happen on the corona of the glans. If it does, they are hardly noticeable, as no one reported such an issue. If you missed some papules, you could always do another session to get rid of all of them, as the kit allows you to do up to 10 sessions.

The PPP kit is statically proven safe thanks to the documented data of thousands of men who have used it over the past three years. You can read reviews with before & after pictures of men using the PPP kit and better understand their experience.

Author: Patrick K.

I earned a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal in 2015. One of my notable achievements during my studies was receiving acclaim for the 'Simplicity of the proposed solution' in a university project. I've always been a 'Do-It-Yourself' type of person, and solving my own pearly penile papules issue was no different. After months of dedicated experimentation with various home remedies for PPP, I developed a safe and effective solution that tackles the problem. The solution has been bundled into the "PPP KIT" and I am happy to share this life changing remedy since 2020!

Reviewed by: Fabiola Garcia

I studied Nursing at the CDI College in Montreal before furthering my education at École Esthétique Avancée, recognized as Quebec's premier private institution for medical aesthetics. I actively contributed to enhancing the safety protocols of the pearly penile papule (PPP) removal procedure by collaborating on the refinement of the 'Aftercare' section within the PPP Kit's step-by-step guide.