Does insurance cover PPP removal?

Current pearly penile papules removal solutions offered by doctors are quite expensive. Treatment via Laser or Electrosurgery starts at around a thousand dollars. Seeking insurance to cover the cost is an obvious first step.

Medical vs Cosmetic

Insurances cover medical treatments that directly affect health; having pearly penile papules does not directly threaten health. Therefore, insurances do not cover pearly penile papules removal, as it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

You're lucky if you have private insurance that covers PPP removal. In the UK, National Health Service (NHS) does not cover PPP removal, and dermatologist treatments cost around £900.

Negative Effects

Pearly Penile Papules do not directly affect health; however, they are a source of anxiety that can lead to depression. Indeed, most men having pearly penile papules are embarrassed because their sexual partner may mistake them for a sexually transmissible decease. Due to these insecurities, some men avoid the search for a romantic partner.

Cheaper Alternatives

You might be tempted to try natural remedies found on the internet, like applying toothpaste or essential oils. Unfortunately, no data or pictures prove their effectiveness despite widely available natural ingredients.

Home Removal

PPP KIT has a mission to fill the gap and provide fair and undisputable treatment for pearly penile papule. This is possible with the PPP KIT, a bundle that includes everything needed to remove your papules at home, and it costs only $129.

PPP Kit bundle

PPP KIT is the only pearly penile papules removal method at home that is backed with plenty of reviews with before & after pictures.

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Author: Patrick K.

After months of meticulous dedication in trying different home remedies for removing my own pearly penile papules, I have found what works and what doesn’t. I documented the method that worked for me and bundled everything into the PPP KIT so other men could also get rid of their PPP in the most affordable and effective way.