PPP KIT™ has been providing a solution for the removal of Pearly Penile Papules since 2020. The company founder has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering; This makes the offered solution strictly based on data and results. PPP KIT has been excelling at providing the first and only home treatment for removing PPPs that gets the job done 99.99% of the time.

I’ve always been a do-it-yourself type of guy, removing pearly penile papules was a challenge that I wanted to solve by myself and save some money by avoiding the costly dermatological procedure. After unsuccessful attempts with creams, oils, and even using toothpaste, I was desperately considering using a soldering iron to burn off the papules. Aware of the risks, I refrained and instead devoted time to researching a safer solution. I came up with a plan to destroy the pearly penile papules in a much safer way and executed the procedure by myself. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It worked and I had just saved a thousand dollars. The solution has been bundled into the "PPP KIT" and I am happy to share this life-changing remedy with other men.

Patrick K., Founder of PPP KIT.

Over time, enhancements to the “Aftercare” section of the procedure have been improved with professional input from a nurse, reinforcing the safety and reliability of our treatment. This is proven by data from over 10,000 men who have successfully eliminated their papules thanks to the PPP KIT.

Since its foundation, we have been committed to maintaining the PPP KIT price lower than a dermatologist consultation fee.


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