PPP KIT Vaporizer

PPP Treatment at Home

PPP Kit uses an electrical Ionizer to vaporize the papules just like during laser treatment by dermatologists. The PPP removal kit contains everything you need to remove Pearly Penile Papules by yourself at home safely and with no pain.

PPP KIT Vaporizer

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Lowest Cost

Dermatologist treatments for pearly penile papules costs around $1,000 per session. Our do-it-yourself PPP Kit solution provides the same permanent results for less than a consultation fee.


Quick & Painless

Like laser treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied before treatment. The kit includes the most reliable Dr. Numb® anesthetic cream. No pain is felt during and after the treatment. Recovery time is 10 days.


Proven to be safe

Comes with Step-by-Step instructions that focuses on safety and effectiveness. The PPP removal Kit has already helped thousands of men to get rid of their PPP without any reported issues. We guarantee your satisfaction.

How Does PPP Kit Works

Instead of a laser, a highly precise burner is used to vaporize the pearly penile papules. The core of the papule is simply an accumulation of fibrosis, heating the papules with the PPP Kit ionizer is enough to vaporize them and destroy their core underneath.

PPP KIT Vaporizer

Our signature, needle-sized burner only becomes active while the button is pressed, then cools down instantly. Keeping you safe from accidental contact on unwanted areas.


The PPP Kit Ionizer is fine-tuned at a low temperature specifically set to be safe for PPP removal, allowing you to destroy the papule's core with minimal skin abrasion and fast recovery.


You get access to a video of the procedure, along with pictures taken at various stages throughout the healing process.

Instructions that keep you safe

Simply follow the Step-by-Step Guide and video to ensure that you safely perform the treatment. Most men eliminate all white bumps on their glans within only 2 sessions. The PPP Kit allows you to do up to 10 sessions!

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The only home treatment for PPP that is backed with before and after pictures.

It's exactly as PPP KIT describes it

My story is as follows: I am 27 years old, and for more than 8 years, I have lived with grief and hiding my pearly penile papules. Researching on the internet, I read about PPP KIT, and I must confess that I did not feel confident. Still, after 1 month of seeing reviews and changes in other men, I said I also needed to live that experience and decided to take the plunge and accept the challenge of PPP KIT. The delivery was fast and discreet, arriving in 4 days. I decided to apply the process.

Guess what? It's exactly as PPP KIT describes it. Easy, painless, and very fast! On the 2nd day, I already had my scabs, very fast healing. On the 4th day, my scabs disappeared, and it looked like my skin was shedding. On the 7th day, my penis was already in perfect condition. I recommend you follow the step-by-step as they indicate, and I assure you, you will not regret it.

Without a doubt the best investment I've ever made!

starstarstarstarstar Washington, USA

Would recommend it to anyone

I was definitely a bit hesitant to buy this kit at first, mostly because it seemed too good to be true, and the process seemed daunting. I went ahead and bought it anyways, telling myself that I’d try on 1 or 2 papules to see if they’d heal, and only then get rid of the rest. To my surprise, everything healed perfectly, leaving no scars, so I went ahead and did the entire treatment. It’s not as bad as it seems.

You have full control of how much you zap them. If the numbing wears off, you can just reapply. If done right, there’s no pain, except for maybe the hour right after treatment. After the first treatment, I had a couple left, so I waited another week to finish it up. Overall I’m extremely satisfied and would recommend it to anyone. I’ll be keeping the kit just in case any of the papules come back since I still have 7 sessions left.

starstarstarstarstar Indiana, USA

I am really satisfied with the final results

I still remember the anxiety that I felt as a teenager when I first noticed PPP. I felt relieved when I learned that it wasn't harmful, but I still felt embarrassed about it every time I explained it to a girl. I've tried things like oils and even toothpaste, but although they seemed to reduce the size of the PPP at first, they would grow again as soon as I stopped applying oils. I was ready to accept that I would have to either pay for the expensive dermatologist procedure or endure the embarrassment of having to reassure a girl every time. Then I came across the PPP Kit and decided to give it a try.

The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I was nervous on my first two sessions, so I did not get much done, but on the little that I did, I could see that it was working. I ended up doing four sessions to get rid of all of them (on the third and fourth, I was more confident and made a lot of progress), taking around a week to heal between each session.

I am really satisfied with the final results, and 3 weeks after my last session, there are no signs of them growing back. I've resumed sexual activity, and it feels great not to worry about explaining PPP to a girl and risk killing the mood.

starstarstarstarstar Santiago, Cape Verde Island

How is it different than dermatological treatments?

CO2 Laser treatment
Laser surgery
Low powered Hyfrecation Hyfrecation CO2 Laser
Average Cost
$129 $800 - $,1000 $1,000 - $1,800
Sessions included
10 1 1
  • By far the most affordable.
  • Up to 10 retouches included.
  • Discretely treated at home.
  • Treated by professional dermatologists.
  • Can also treat other conditions.
  • Most precise treatment.
  • Treated by professional dermatologists.
  • Can also treat other conditions.
  • Need to do the procedure yourself, not done by professionals.
  • Does not treat Fordyce Spots (bumps on the shaft).
  • Need to pay for a consultation fee.
  • Need to pay if retouches are needed.
  • Need to pay for a consultation fee.
  • Need to pay if retouches are needed.
  • Expensive, you can get the same results by Hyfrecation.

To be exact, our Ionizer operates by hyfrecation, which is the same technology used during the electrosurgery treatment. The difference is that the PPP Ionizer has a lower power level (voltage) and is strictly made to target pearly penile papules.

PPP KIT Vaporizer

By following the step-by-step guide and video, it becomes fairly easy to perform the procedure by yourself at a fraction of the cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

PPP KIT is a new home treatment for pearly penile papules and it has been available since 2020 with thousands of kits sold. Our success rate is 99.98% as we barely receive refund requests, even if we encourage it as we want to improve the product! It is simple physics, that is why it always work. We guarantee permanent results, and we're available to support you during the process should you have any questions.

Residual Papule

Some of the papules may not be entirely destroyed within the first session. This may leave residual papules that are very small. You can always do another session to remove them, but it may not be necessary as they are hardly noticeable. The PPP Kit comes with 10 disposable burner heads that allow you to do up to 10 sessions!

This question is often asked because many of our customers have already tried deceptive home remedies for pearly penile papules removal before learning about the PPP Kit. Therefore, we completely understand your skepticism, and we feel obliged to provide you with proof regarding the effectiveness of the PPP Kit.

Please visit our blog about the legitimacy of the PPP kit

Even at the dermatologist, you would need to sign a disclaimer for scarring, as it is always a risk. Based on our data, scarring is extremely rare. Scarring on the glans does not occur as long as the scabs are not disrupted or infected as they heal. If you're uncircumcised, the risk is even lower as the area is naturally protected. In practice, up to this day, there is not a single reported scarring problem or permanent side effect using the PPP Kit for pearly penile papules removal, even if we ecourage users to report any issue with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. This makes us so confident about the solution.

Update (January 2022): For Pearly Penile Papules, scarring does not happen, or if it happens, they aren't noticeable as no-one reported such effects. However, for Fordyce Spots removal (papules on the shaft), two customers reported scarring. Even if some customers have successfully used the PPP Kit for removing Fordyce Spots, it is not intended for such usage and we do not recommend using it for Fordyce Spots. PPP Kit is proven to be safe and effective for Pearly Penile Papules and Tyson Glands removal.

Learn more about the different types of bumps before using the PPP KIT

Update (September 2022): After 5,500 units were used (for at least one session each), there was one reported case of infection. The infection has been resolved, and we have updated the step-by-step guide to recognizing infections quickly and added instructions to treat them rapidly. The customer that reported the infection is now healed without any side effects.

Before coming up with PPP KIT, we tried everything from specialized creams, toothpastes and oils. Unfortunately nothing worked for us. Many of our customers have also tried other alternatives without success. The only effective solution was costly treatment offered by dermatologist such as Laser and Hyfrecation. For this reason, we want to stand out and be a transparent and ethical company. Learn more about the other methods on our blog.

Some customers have successfully used the PPP Kit for removing Fordyce Spots (white bumps on the shaft). However, scarring was reported on two occsaions, making it potentially look worse. PPP Kit is only proven to be safe for Pearly Penile Papules and Tyson Glands removal. Please seek professional treatment for Fordyce Spots.

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